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Step 1


If you want to get a new look with RepHair Clinic you can get in touch with us via our ‘contact us’ tab!

Step 2


We offer a free pre-op consultation with our hair transplant experts. For those living out of Istanbul we have virtual consultations.

Step 3


We will decide the most suitable date for your operation. For those living out of Istanbul we offer an all inclusive package and organize the whole experience.

Step 4


After a detailed medical check-up your hair transplant operation will start.

Step 5

Post-op Consultation

The day after the operation we will remove your medical dressing and we will provide useful post-op information.

Step 6


The second day after the operation you will be ready to go back home and in one week you will be able to start your normal life again.

Step 7

Medical Washing

Back at home you will use the products we provided to perform a medical washing every day for ten days. At the end of this period any remaining scabs will have fallen off.

Step 8


During the first three months the transplanted hair may fall out. This is a normal occurrence in the procedure.

Step 9

Hair Growth

Starting from the 4th month after the operation your permanent hair will start to grow in.

Step 10


Between 12 and 16 months after the hair transplant you will be able to fully enjoy your results!

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