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Hair Transplant


A step by step guide to hair transplants

There are three main steps in a FUE hair transplant.
1) Graft extraction – Your hair is assessed to find the strongest and most suitable donor
areas for the grafts to be taken from. The roots are then individually extracted using a
special micro-motor.
2) Opening the recipient canals – Tiny, microscopic canals are opened in the target area
and readied for the grafts to be implanted.
3) Planting the grafts – The grafts that have been removed are implanted into the canals
that been opened up and readied.

The greatest advantage of the FUE technique is that it allows the highest number of
grafts to be taken while leaving no scarring in the donor area.
Your hair transplant is designed specifically for you.
Because everybody’s hair loss is different, it is clear that every hair transplant must also
be different.

There are four points which must be carefully considered in the planning of
your hair transplant: distribution, density, direction, angle. If all of these areas are
considered carefully and expertly, you will be able to achieve natural, thick, and
abundant results!