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Frequently Asked Questions

As we age, there are many possible reasons we may lose our hair, ranging from stress,
fevers and other medical conditions, pregnancy, poor diet, hormones, environmental
factors, or genetics – which has been found to be the most important factor of all.
From a medical point of view, the average person loses between 50 – 100 hairs per day.

A hair transplant can be performed on anyone over the age of 18 provided they do not
suffer from any long-term health conditions. Anyone under the age of 18 must have
parental permission.

The procedure, including the tests and preparation beforehand as well as the post-op
care, can usually be carried out in half a day. This may vary depending on the width and
breadth of the area to be transplanted but can be used as a rough guide. During the
procedure, the implanting is done without stopping. We do everything in our power to
help the time pass more quickly, for example you can watch television, listen to music,
read magazines etc.

There are a couple of transplant options available these days, but the most widely used
and trusted method in the world is the FUE technique. It has been found that this
technique provides the most natural appearance and allows you to reach the density you
desire. We use micro-motors which, according to scientific evidence, give the healthiest
and best results.

You will be able to see the final results of the hair transplant within eight to ten months.
This is typically how long it takes for the implanted hair to take on the natural angles
and direction of your hair, but will of course vary from person to person.

Most clinics determine the price of the hair transplant according to the size of the target
area, the number of grafts that will need to be taken etc. However, at RepHair Clinic,
we have a set price policy so no matter how big the target area is, the price will never

Because the hair that is transplanted is your own hair, you can grow it to any length you
desire after the procedure.

You shouldn’t shave your hair for the first month as you need to protect the donor and
recipient areas. It is highly recommended to wait for seven to eight months before
shaving your hair.

It will be noticeable that you have had a transplant for around the first 15 days. During
this time period, you can hide your head with a soft hat if you wish to. After 15 days, it
should not be noticeable that you have had any work done and any marks from the
procedure will continue to fade and disappear as the days go by.

The desired density will be reached so long as the quality of the roots in the donor area
is sufficient. If the desired density is not achieved from one session, a second session
can be organized for you.

It is a surgical operation that should be carried out by trained physicians in the field of
plastic surgery and in a fully-equipped operating theatre. Our clinic has been designed
to meet all of these needs.

A hair transplant can of course be carried out on women. If you have some baldness, or
patchy hair loss issues, or if you are looking to redefine your hairline after a facelift, a
hair transplant could be just the thing for you.

Because the hair that is transplanted is taken from areas that typically do not
experience hair loss, they are more resilient to falling out and should last a life time.

A week before the operation, you should stop using blood thinners such as Aspirin or
Coraspin. You should also avoid alcohol and using vitamin E in this week. If you are a
smoker, you should reduce your cigarette consumption as much as possible. You should
also make sure to have a good breakfast on the day of the operation.

The hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The only pain that may be felt
is when the anesthesia is applied. Once the anesthesia has started to act, you will not
feel any pain. Sometimes, you may feel a little pain after the operation. This pain can
be easily treated with over-the-counter painkillers.

This kind of situation has very rarely been seen. In very rare circumstances, the opening
of the canals in the target area may cause some slight damage to the existing hairs,
however the chances of this happening are negligible, especially when the procedure is
carried out by experienced professionals.

Once the transplant has been completed, you may experience some initial hair loss
within the first 15-20 days, but this can vary depending on your physiological make up.
This initial hair loss is not something you should be concerned about as the first hair will
start to grow after an average of three months. We expect to see around 75% of the
transplanted hair grow out within six months.
Hair grows about 1 cm per month depending on your personal hair growth rate. Within
the first year, all of the hair will have fully grown out. The hair may at first have a weak,
pale, or curly appearance when compared to your existing hair but it will soon take on
the same form and shape as your existing hair.

The hair loss pattern of the individual is the first deciding factor in the choice of
whether to have a hair transplant or not. The second deciding factor is age. If the skin is
visible with the naked eye, then the density of hair in that area has fallen below 50% of
normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment will be a hair transplant. Even
though male-pattern hair loss is something that may take place throughout your life, the
rate of loss does slow down after the ages of 39-45.
You should therefore take into account that when the transplant is done on patients
under this age range, hair loss may still persist and you may then need a second or third

There are of course other solutions besides a hair transplant, such as wearing a wig or a
toupee. However, if you are searching for a permanent, natural-looking, and effective
solution, the best option available is a hair transplant.

A hair transplant, although superficial, is still considered a medical procedure so it is of
utmost importance that it is carried out by experienced doctors who have specialized in
this area and performed in a sterile environment with up-to-date medical equipment on
hand. These days, due to the increased popularity of hair transplants and health
tourism, we have unfortunately seen an increase in the number of hair transplants
carried out by doctors who have no experience in this specialization as well as even by
beauticians or people who have no connection to the medical field at all. For these
reasons, it is very important that you carefully check out the doctor who will be
performing the procedure for you. At RepHair Clinic Istanbul, we are pleased to say that
we only work with doctors who are experts in this field and carry out the operations in a
fully-equipped clinic.

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