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Beard and Moustache Transplants


For men, beards and moustaches may be grown not only as an accessory but may also
reflect a person’s social standing or as a means of representing their beliefs. There are
many phases in a man’s life when he may decide to leave his beard to grow out. Since
men have found they can express themselves through their facial hair, we have seen an
emergence of many different cuts and styles over the years.

However, it may sometimes be possible for a man to have a sparse or patchy beard
growth which can mean that they are restricted in their facial hair styling. This
sparseness may be caused by burns, injury, scarring, or genetics. This is where the beard
or moustache transplant comes into play. With a facial hair transplant, you can now
grow the kind of beard or moustache style that you have always wished for!

With a beard or moustache transplant, hair is usually taken from the nape of the neck or
from above the ears and implanted into the target area. In some circumstances, for
example if you have an excess of unnecessary hair in other areas, hair may be taken
from the lower part of the beard, the chest, the upper back etc. This has the added
advantage of providing permanent epilation in these areas too! Because the hair that is
taken from the donor area doesn’t have the natural predisposition to fall out and is your
very own hair, you will be able to achieve the most natural, permanent results.