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Hair Implants Technique

Hair implants technique is a common way to deal with hair loss. This topic is often a source of psychological distress and overall feelings of unease and loss of self-confidence. With hair implants, hair loss is no longer a problem.

Specialists in hair loss treatments and androgenic alopecia at our clinic practice a modern, non-invasive hair implants technique.

Such technique is performed under local anesthesia and called the FUE hair implants technique.

This hair implants technique makes it possible to correct baldness without leaving a scar on the back of the head. Thus allowing a pretty decent capillary density.

Additionally, hair implants allow for very natural results, thus helping you restore your self-confidence.

When do you need hair implants?

People who resort to hair implants are most often men who suffer from baldness, or androgenic alopecia.

As a general rule, men consult after having tried several unsuccessful treatments and wish to opt for a lasting and effective solution.

However, it is also possible to use hair implants for purely aesthetic purposes.

Treatments such as Minoxidil or Propecia are usually used to slow down hair loss and preserve hair capital. However, to fill the gaps, the hair implants technique is the most durable and effective solution.

What is the principle behind hair implants?

The principle behind hair implants is quite simple: it is about moving healthy hair follicles, in other words not affected by baldness, in the bald areas that need it.

The follicles thus re-implanted will behave like normal hair, and continue to produce hair, for life. These follicles are taken from the occipital or “donor area”, on the sides and back of the patient’s head itself. As this area is insensitive to the factors responsible for androgenic alopecia.

FUE or “Follicular Unit Extraction” means the extraction of follicular units. Latest techniques can be followed at our clinic here in Turkey.It is a gentle and non-invasive method that does not require surgery, unlike the FUT (or strip) technique.

This technique consists of manually extracting the follicles one by one. Thus leaving no scar on the back of the head.

The implants will collected and then re-implant one by one in the needed areas.

How the surgery performs?

Consultation with your expert surgeon

This is of course an essential step if you want to perform hair implants. A hair restoration project must be well thought. To have an informed choice about it very important. Especially since each case is unique.

Why? Simply because several factors are involved in the feasibility and outcome of hair implants. Factors that depend in large part on the patient himself: stage of baldness, hair typology, density of the donor area, and size of the skull.

Implantation of the hair follicles

The implantation starts at the back, you rest in a bed adapted and specially designed for your comfort.You can relax, listen to music, and watch a video or a movie on a tablet while the doctor and his team are busy relocating your hair. You feel absolutely no pain.

The implantation phase is a key step in hair implants. Beyond the fact that the grafts must be sufficiently dense and of quality to guarantee an aesthetic result, the way they are being implemented is also important.

What to expect from a hair implants surgery?

As the FUE hair implants are a non-invasive technique, the suites are usually very simple and the pain almost non-existent. Edema (swelling) can sometimes occur at the forehead, especially if one has worked the front line a lot. It resolves itself in 4-5 days and should not worry you at all.

You can theoretically resume your social and professional activities the next day from a physical point of view, but this depends of course on other factors (the intervention itself but also your professional occupation, etc.) The dressing of the donor area, if necessary, must be removed the next morning and the area must be shampooed daily. Shampoos are then performed every day from the 4th day on the entire head, including the area of implantation.Thanks to the shampoo, the small crusts present on the receiving area gradually disappear, allowing the regrowth to be carried out in the best conditions.

Wearing helmets (motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) is forbidden for couple of weeks. To not damage the grafts or give them a bad sense.You also need to be careful to sunlight.

When to expect the first results of hair implants

If there was a word to summarize it, it would be patience. A large part of the small hair contained in the hair follicles at the time of extraction and implantation will fall in the days/weeks following your operation. This is perfectly normal. As for the hair follicles, they are still there but we will have to give them time to produce new hair, which will take some time to grow.

The steps are:

  • Regrowth starts within first 3 months
  • At 6 months, the result improves even more
  • The final result of hair implants requires at least 1 year, which is the time it takes for all hair follicles to produce new hair and reach their ‘adult’ size.

Hair Transplant Before After

What to expect for Men?

Currently, hair implants are the only effective method to fully restore a hairline. Drug treatments and other anti-fall shampoos are not that effective, especially when baldness is of androgenic origin.

Hair implantations, which allow you to regain a normal life very quickly after the intervention, allows patients who benefit from it to enjoy quality hair, within 9 months. The first signs of successful hair implants take place about 6 months after the operation. Note, however, that the final result of a transplant occurs around the 12th month.

The resulting hair offers a particularly natural rendering, especially for men, as this technique is truly capable of restoring a decent hairline even when androgenic alopecia is at its final stage.

Cost of Implants

While hair implants technique can be very costly especially in western countries. In turkey we offer very high-quality services and at an affordable price. To get more information about hair implants in turkey and their cost, please contact us.


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