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  • Vitamins For Hair Growth, Really Important

Vitamins For Hair Growth, Really Important?

Vitamins for hair growth are directly related to the fact that a person has healthy habits in his life. Hair health has different meanings for every person.  For men, it is important that the hair does not fall out or the rate of their loss is very slow. For women; healthy hair means a part of beauty.

Using vitamins for hair growth can provide you with full and shiny hair.

If you want to have healthy hair, we would like to point out that there are multiple factors to consider.

Scientific research shows that care products are beneficial for healthy and vibrant looking hair. However, it is not enough.

Hair care products are the protection shield of your hair against external wear and tear and dirt.

For example, you may have to wash your hair with very hot water. Washing hair with hot water causes hair thinning and weakening. Let’s say you dry your hair with a hair dryer after you get out of the shower. In this case, your hair will break and your scalp will be dry. If you live in a very cold climate, you have no other choice. As a result, your hair health is negatively affected. Hair care products will help you at a certain level at this point.

Using vitamins for your hair creates your internal reinforcement. Even a good hair care product cannot help you beyond a point. Hair health is not a problem, but a process.

However, using vitamins , tablets and supplements will keep your hair healthy.

The secret of having healthy, strong and voluminous hair is hidden in your life habits.

Vitamins for hair growth should be supported by a balanced diet and regular sleep.

In addition, if you have a stress-free life or regular exercise habits, you don’t have to worry.

Regular vitamin and mineral support and moisture supplementation will be great for hair health.

Vitamin E

What Are the Necessary Vitamins for Healthy Hair?

Vitamins for hair growth are E, B9, A, B12, C, B7 and B3.

We will examine the contributions of each of them to your hair health one by one.

1-) Vitamin E:

It is the first type of vitamin that comes to our mind when it comes to vitamins for hair growth.

The main task of vitamin E is to accelerate cell regeneration. This vitamin fights against free radicals that are dangerous for hair and skin care. In this way, it ensures that your body is strong against all kinds of wear and tear. In this way, it strengthens the scalp and ensures healthy hair growth.

At the same time, it helps the hair strands to be shiny and soft by providing natural moisture.

Foods with the highest amount of vitamin E are dried apricots, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds. It is also found in foods such as fish, tomatoes, celery, spinach and cabbage.

2- ) Folic Acid (Vitamin B9):

The second important supplement in the series of vitamins for hair growth is vitamin B9. This vitamin, also known as folic acid is effective in maintaining the shine and softness of the hair.

It provides healthy growth of hair and repair of broken hair.

3-) Vitamin A:

Vitamin A supports the scalp’s sebum (glandulae sebaceae) production. It is a substance that nourishes the hair roots and strands. Since it is a vitamin with antioxidant properties, it provides strong moisture support to the hair.

In the absence of vitamin A, problems such as dryness, itching and flaking may occur in the hair.

4-) Vitamin B-12:

When searching for vitamins for hair growth, vitamin B12 is among the first to come across. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that carries oxygen to your cells. It ensures the continuation of hair production and accelerates the process of iron absorption in the body. It is among the best supplements for hair loss in women. Because many women need to use B12 due to iron deficiency.

Vitamin B12 is found in large amounts in red meat.

Additionally, it is abundant in seafood, yogurt, milk and eggs.


What Are Necessary Minerals for Hair Growth?

We talked about the vitamins needed for hair health. There are some minerals used in addition to the above vitamins. Lets talk about them.

1-) Calcium:

Calcium it is great for hair to grow, stay healthy and maintain its vitality. Calcium is abundant in milk and dairy products, yogurt, nuts and fish products.

In addition to vitamin tablets for hair growth, you can add calcium in your diet.

2-) Zinc:

Zinc is one of the body’s most magnificent minerals for hair health.

Zinc is effective for maintaining the oil balance and strength of the hair. However, it is one of the main sources for new hair growth and less hair loss. Zinc is abundant in shrimp, oysters, fish, meat, all grains. At the same time, you should know that the consumption of walnuts, almonds, eggs and cheese is beneficial for the amount of zinc you need.

3-) Selenium:

Meet Selenium, a natural source of vitamins for hair growth and hair thickening.

External factors in daily life and wrong eating habits cause the scalp to wear out. This causes hair breakage and loss. Selenium mineral will benefit your cry for help in this regard. Tuna, sunflower seeds, squid, octopus, chicken meat, eggs, mushrooms and cheese are selenium-rich foods. Hair health can be restored following a good diet.

4-) Iron:

If you cannot cope with hair loss, do not skip this point!

Every person spends a lot of money to have healthy hair. But the solution may be right next to you. According to experts, iron deficiency is one of the biggest causes of hair loss. It is very important to eliminate iron deficiency in hair loss in women. Although it is great to consume foods containing iron, it does not always work.

Hair tablets can be ideal supplements for your iron needs.

When using vitamins for hair growth, make sure that it contains enough iron minerals.

 Should You Take Vitamins After Hair Transplant-Implant?

How can you decide to use vitamins after hair transplantation?

Another aspect of using vitamins for hair growth is the post-op period. Sometimes no matter what you do; your hair falls out for genetic reasons or other reasons. In this case, you can enter a professional hair transplant operation. When you never risk the success of hair transplantation, you will make a great investment for yourself.

The first 45 days after the process is very important for the health of your hair.

You used vitamins for hair growth. Add all the minerals and vitamins we mentioned to your diet list by listening to your doctor’s recommendations.

Hair tablets can also help you out here. If your natural diet does not give you enough confidence, hair growth tablets will help you. And, believe us when we say this; it will help a lot.

Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin is a vitamin that is beneficial in hair loss. Pay attention to the issue of biotin in the post-hair transplant period.

After hair transplantation, biotin, also called vitamin H and vitamin B7, contributes to development. Biotin helps to strengthen the hair and gain volume.

You can get more results with the help of Biotin, a good diet and good life. Take a look at our website to learn more. Hair health is something you should definitely keep in check.

We are here to help you. No matter the situation you are in.


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