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  • What Does Different Types of Hairlines Mean

Hairline, What Does Different Types Mean?

A hairline is a natural border formed by a person’s hair at their forehead area. This border is also known as the front hairline. Age, gender and face type are important variables for the correct determination of the hairline.

Hair transplant operations, like all surgical interventions, primarily care about the health of the person. However, we also want to note that this is an aesthetic intervention. Therefore, a healthy and aesthetic hair transplant process is our main goal.

Having care for your hair helps to preserve naturalness as a result of hair transplant operations.

For example, let’s consider a person who had a hair transplant without paying enough attention to their hairline.

Let this person be 38 years old. Let’s assume that their hair is also seriously shed at the age of 28.

This person who has a hair transplant wants to feel better mentally and physically. However, when determining the lines in hair, hair transplantation was performed without paying attention to age and gender.

In this case, as a 38-year-old woman or man, you will cause the person to move away from their natural appearance. Because, hair transplantation has taken place up to the 28-year-old hairline. But this person and his social circle are 38 years old. Other factors were not taken into account when determining the front hairline.

As a result, this person had 28 years of hair and face type despite being 38 years old.

The incompatibility experienced while determining the hairline can make you physically unhappy.Being careful and taking the age factors is very important when you want to make hair transplantation. Mature individuals past examples should be taken to consideration depending on the person who wants to take the surgical way.

How to Determine the Front Hairline?

The process of determining the hairline and frontal hairline requires critical calculations. In this step, imagine how your hair is falling out and how your forehead is getting wider. Frontal hair thinning is normal but an another step should be looked out for before making any decisions.

The front hairline (front forehead line) is the linear line where the forehead and hair meet at the front of the head area. Although the front hairline of each person is different from each other, the front hairline has certain characteristics. A front hairline can make a person look younger or older than they are.

Even in people who have never lost their hair, the front hairline may be further behind than usual. This condition can make a person uncomfortable even if there is no hair loss.

When determining the lines of hair, two important factors are evaluated together.

Age and the golden ratio.

If the front hairline is behind normal and the forehead is wide, the person looks older. The fact that the front hairline is ahead of normal also spoils the natural appearance.

The front hairline is 7-8 cm above the middle of the eyebrow in men. The same ratio can be considered as 5.5-6.5 cm above the middle of the eyebrow in women.

The gender estimates here are the average estimates.

You can practically calculate this distance, which varies differently in each person.

Now, crease your forehead upwards above your eyebrows. Take a look from where this crease ends to the area where your hair is concentrated. If there is a gap in between, your ideal line is receding.

There may be another possibility in your hairline observation experiment. Does your hair cover the top line of the crease while doing this experiment?

Then your hair and whole head structure makes you look younger as a result.

Receding hair or baldness can be frustrating but is not a problem that could not be solved.

receding hairline

How Are Hairline Measurements Performed?

The hairline affects the appearance of people to such an extent. A professional measurement is required before a hair transplant ( or implant ) is performed. These measurements are safe only if they are taken by a doctor.

The forehead opening area is measured to determine the front hairline. This results in your ideal forehead clearance distance. This area, determined from the forehead opening, is determined as the front hairline.

This type of measurement works for people with a certain amount of hair.

So, how to measure if there is no hair on the top of your head?

In these people, 2 separate areas are examined to determine the front hairline.

In men, the front hairline is calculated by looking at it from the profile.

When viewed from the profile, there is a horizontal line drawn from the top of the hair to the bottom. However, we also find the perpendicular line passing through the middle of the eyebrow. And the point where these two converge gives your hairline.

Here, the skull and face determine the position of the front hair line. The hair front line starting from here ends at both sides of your forehead. The borders on the forehead of your front hairline end in a straight line passing through the outer cantus.

How to Determine the Front Hairline?

What Is Considered During Measurement?

  • Hair clearance is evaluated according to the efficiency of the donor.
  • The wishes of the person who will have hair transplantation are taken into consideration.
  • The head and face structure of the person should also be taken into account.
  • Measurement should be made according to the age and gender of the person.
  • It should be clearly discovered whether the person’s hair loss process continues or not.

When determining the hairline, the location of the forehead line should be accurately determined in people with very intense hair loss and in people with advanced age. Pulling the forehead line a little higher here will increase the naturalness.

For people with existing hair less than 7 cm, the measurement is slightly changes. A new V-shaped front hairline is planned taking into account the face and head structure of the person.

The front hairline resembles a light letter V in its natural form. Within the framework of this hairline, each person has his own unique hair direction and hair sequence.

How To Get a Better Hair and Care Then?

Since the hairline is at eye level and in front, it is of great importance for trasplant and implant. After determining this line, the person’s hair type and density are taken into account. In addition, a dot operation and plan is made on certain small sections in this line for the natural posture of the hair.

The direction and angle of the grafts planted on the anterior scalp will serve as a guide for the operation. In this zone, the strands of hair are not placed in a single row. Factors that are likely to spoil the aesthetic appearance are evaluated. In this framework, it is ensured that the hair strands are sorted using a mixed and natural system.

When the front hairline contains these asymmetrical waves; a more aesthetic appearance is formed.

Mature hairline is the natural phenomenon which is common across teenagers.

What Are the Types of Hairline?

To understand the types of hairlines in a nutshell, let’s imagine the frontal of your head. This line is the middle of the forehead where the hairline is determined in the front part of the skull and the profile is the name given to the forehead.

The frontal hairline differs in men and women. It can be according to the anatomy of the person’s head and their gender. The shape of the FHL is important in this sense.

At operations on men and women, some features were detected in the transitions of the frontal hairline.

Normally it is known that this zone is not flat. There is a V or round sagging in the forehead area, falling forward from the hair. High lines and hairstyles can be seen depending on the age. This is pretty normal.

The hairline is V-shaped or rounded protrusions are defined as “peak”. These peaks can be observed in the frontal hairline of half of the men and women. Anyone can have one or more peaks. Apart from the peaks, small, balding gaps may be found inward on this line. While the hair is being lined up, it is lined up on this line.

After the hairline is determined, hair transplantation can be performed. These peaks and gaps must be done and taken to consideration for a natural appearance during hair transplantation.

We can evaluate different line of hair in two parts after various angles in this article.

The Receding Hairline and The Mature Mairline Are Two Different Types.

Mature hairline; popularly known as widow’s top. It covers the entire skull from the forehead area in a triangular shape backwards. With a constant ongoing opening, there is a shedding in the upper region of the head; the sides remain the same.

There can be some other examples in a type that moves away. With age and other factors.

A receding hair is a type of dense hair at the top of the hair. The top of the hair can be healthy here. A constant opening is seen from the upper point of the right and left eyebrows backwards as a result.

You can click our other links to get more information about these two types and create your own solutions with us.

We wish you a healthy, peaceful and aesthetic life.


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